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We proudly work with Habitat for Humanity. If you are planning a sale please contact us for more information!


First Ever Avalon Dune Drive Virtual Contents Sale 3/27-2/29

We know you need stuff!

We know you want stuff!

We love seeing you and selling stuff, but we also know it’s important to limit group activities and maintain social distancing for the good of one and all.

In accordance with Executive Order No. 107 signed by Gov. Phil Murphy March 21, directing all residents to stay at home until further notice, Avalon Estate Liquidators is trying something new – a virtual sale.

We miss you guys, so we took the pictures of some of the many fantastic contents, including an amazing custom kitchen, located at this Dune Drive home in Avalon, and posted them here with prices.

Have a look.

When you see what you want, you can call or email us to make payment arrangements, then make arrangements to pick it up, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Call Chuck @609-408-1991 

The address in on Dune Drive near 77th St. The exact address will only be shared with buyers as part of pick up arrangements.

We hope you understand our position on this. We will be back to sell stuff, serve food and have fun (face to face) when this all clears up.

Jeff / Chuck / Martha

Upcycling your finds at a Demo Sale

Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless and/or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Check out our Upcycling page to see what some people are doing with their Demo Sale finds!

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Helping a Family Preserve a Memory from a Property that came down recently.

On behalf of the Whiteside Family, I can’t thank Dale & Jeff for going above & beyond for a request from several states away.

73375492_672498386623_511482621578969088_nMy grandparents built this home around 1950, winterized it and retired down there in the 1980s. I was fortunate enough to spend holidays, weekends, and summers with my Gram, extended family, and our neighbors (3+ generations old) . This was not only my favorite place in the world, but it remained a constant home in my life, despite several moves as a child. We always had 220 86th Street. Unfortunately, we had to sell the home following my Grandmothers passing in 2005. Thankfully, the new owners kept it the same. We were able to drive past Gram’s house whenever we came to the shore & remember the good times. Recently, we heard the news that the house was sold to a builder. We were devastated, hoping this house would stand up against time. It endured against hurricanes & Nor’Easters for almost 70 years, but it lost its battle to the opulent McMansion ways of the island.

I received a text showing a picture of the liquidation sale sign a few weekends ago. I was so upset as I couldn’t get down there from Connecticut on such short notice. I felt helpless knowing 220 would be torn down any day. After doing some research & learning that Avalon Estate Liquidators was handling this liquidation sale, I sent a desperate text &75380351_672498371653_665811512467652608_n email to Jeff, begging for his help. My request was to see if he could salvage the house numbers from the porch post and to try to remove the two schooner impressions from the gable of the roof. He replied & told me he will see what his guy, Dale can do. Dale is my new hero & I found out he was able to retrieve the schooners, but they were incredibly heavy as they were made from concrete! Not only was he able to fulfill my mission, but he took the time to email me & my father about arranging for pick up. You can tell how considerate he was while completing this job just by seeing the after photo.

Jeff & Dale, I know this is a long winded message, but I don’t know how you say goodbye to a home with so much history & love. I’m not sure what I will do with these concrete reliefs, but please know that we will be forever grateful to you both. Thank you for keeping some of our history alive. Much love and many thanks to you & Avalon Estate Liquidators.
Best, Brooke Whiteside Kehoe & John Whiteside

Our pleasure to help preserve old memories. We try to serve both masters. Owners who want to recycle the property and make a few $$$. Customers who get a nice deal buying items that have very little use and great pricing. We are very respectful of previous owners as you outlined in your email. Thank you for your email. Dale did a great job with our other guys to crawl up in the attic and cut out the items for you.
God Bless !

Jeff Condinho

26 E 9th St. (Beach Block) Avalon Upscale Contents & Renovation Sale Fri. & Sat. 9/13 & 14 8-3

Beautiful beach home is being renovated. Top quality furnishings and contents must be liquidated.

Happy Holidays and and a Safe and Joyful New Years 2018


We have been blessed this year – with your help we did OVER 50 successful Demolition & Content Sales in 2017.

Our team: Jeff / Chuck / Martha / Jay / Mike / Drew (our WEB Master) along with our newest member, Denise, wish you a Happy Holiday season. Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year.

We look forward to seeing you in 2018 – we’ve made such good friends over the years and enjoy spending time with you.

A big thanks to the homeowners, builders and customers that make this business so much fun. We always look forward to seeing smiles on the faces of customers, their children and friends that you bring to the sales.

This year we established a new relationship with Habitat for Humanity ReStore (thank you Shaun) plus we expanded our area to Ocean City (thank you Roc and Denise).

Customers like the Church Lady, Lenny, Mr. Hoy, the guy who gave me the Kielbasa, Dan and his wife who gave us electric toothbrushes to try out, Sweet Lou (the poorest and largest landowner in Wildwood), Jose (the largest landowner in ???), Big Al, Mike and Denise (who just lost her Mom), Franky (who lost his wallet twice at our sales)+++ Builders and developers like Don S., the whole crew at D.L. Miner, Matt P., Matt Sr. and Matty, +++Owners like Lou and Pat (2 time demolition owners), Randi and many, many others too numerous to mention – we love you. (If I did not mention you I will next year).

And a hearty thank you to the gang who makes it happen – Chuck, Martha, Jay, Mike and Denise – all their work and long hours this year are greatly appreciated.

Thank you all and to all a Merry Christmas.

Our 15th Season! – A Message from Jeff

We are starting our 15th year in business and we have a great starting line up for our customers. We are working hard to get you the best homes with the best ” stuff”   Great kitchens , decking, furniture, beds, baths and beyond.   This year also starts a new era for me as I will be retired from my day job and can devote my full attention to  “Avalon Estate Liquidators” aside from my grandsons and wife.
Please enjoy the summer and see you August 25!!!!!

‘Extraction Specialists’ Squeeze Last Drop of Cash – Cape May County Herald

Vince Conti wrote a great piece on Avalon Estate Liquidators. Check it out!

‘Extraction Specialists’ Squeeze Last Drop of Cash

 “One demolition company tells us that homes where we do the sale send five to seven tons less to the landfill.”

Here’s what you are missing!

End of the 2012 Season Awards

We are starting a few new traditions
We are giving out awards this year for( guess who thought this up)  Capt Chuck :
Hot Dog Recipe –   Goes to Capt Chuck as the clear winner  also want to thank him for all his help and he proved that he’d give you the jacket off his back .
Best Demo Couple – Peter S and his wife Diane?  – Pink matching Crow bars
Most Interesting Customer–  Tie with my buddy who comes with his daughter and Ken who knew every house that we did this year and lived or slept in 3 of them.
Hanger Award   Rick
Hanger around award – Lenny   he came to every sale and purchased something at every sale
Nicest Award –    Tie   Canvas  Lady  and the lady who husband owns the screen company ( not sure of her name)
We are starting an Association of DEMO SALE Businesses for the promotion of an ethics and fairness code and we voted ourselves as # 1  in the Cape May County on all bench marks. ( no other Business at this time) but we did build the business.